Expectations !!!

We often get used to a particular way of living and when things change with people their perceptions change  too. The change in the environment causes us to behave in a different manner and our values, priorities change. A person who is not in the same environment finds it hard to understand the change and they expect the person to have same priorities, perceptions and way of behaving which was earlier there. This leads to expectations and crashing …which leads to issues between people and their relationships

This being human nature is completely ok and natural, nobody needs to feel sad or upset because of this.

Now the question arises if it is natural and ok then what is the solution ?

The solution lies in communication…where the change in the situation and change in priorities is expressed, the only condition being that both people involved have to have a healthy open communication and try to understand each others perspective.

The solution is though simple yet difficult to follow as those two people are different from one another and the way they perceive and think and do things is different. Thus something that seems trivial to one since his/her situation has changed might seem illogical/different/important to another. This is the reason why it is so easy to start any relationship yet difficult to maintain, something similar to giving birth to a child is different from the way you raise it. Raising a child has its own growing issues which keep changing with time and as parents one needs to constantly change the way to handle it or understand it.

Also important point to remember is that if we want people to do certain things we are expecting from them to do it in a particular way which may or may not hold true/valuable to another in his/her current changed situation. So be mindful of the expectations. When the thin line of expectation,respect and understanding between two people changes it leads to unsatisfied relationships.

Balance between expectations and understanding must be achieved for healthy relationships !!!

Your Calling !!!!

Today while I was doing meditation a sudden feeling of calm and peace dawned on me and I wondered how many of us get caught up in the drama of life and loose this simple necessity of life. We are all at different phases of life where it might be essential to devote time to other needs of life like work (finances are important), kids n other half (family is important) and social commitments (social life is important) but what is the ultimate goal of life?

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Is that what you came here to do?

Each of us is here to take care of a certain task without which the world would not be the world we live in and so it is important to find that path too and once we start travelling that path a sense of achievement, happiness and calmness will automatically dawn on you. Many people say it’s difficult, yes it is who said life is a bed of no thorn roses, even the roses have thorns. So your calling will come but at the right time when you are destined to move into it. One thing is sure that Universe does give you loads of suggestions, intuitions and guidance and it is upto you to take it. It is upto you to open up to frequencies of the universe.

Having said that it doesn’t mean that we are not on our way to our calling, each and every situation, circumstance, event or people who come into our lives make us what we have to become. We learn and grow with it and move on our path to attaining our goals, the only condition, you discover where you are going and where you want to be else you will be going in circles without identifying and enjoying the journey or the goal of your life.

Have trust and faith and tune in your vibes to frequencies of the Universe and your calling will become clear to you.

Loads of Blessings and Best Wishes