Reinvent Yourself with Coach Nupur

Pranic Body Sculpting, Face Uplift and Body Loss
A medicine free, non-touching technique for better looking body

​Human body is precious and most of us are conscious about additional fats on our body or any imperfections on our face such as wrinkles, pimples or skin dullness. We spent enough efforts and money to get rid of extra fats from our body or uplifting our face.  Many times, we go beyond our physical and material reach to achieve it.

Body Sculpting or Face uplift immediately strikes us as a surgical procedure or medical treatment where either physician is able to artistically sculpt the body into a new shape using sophisticated instruments or we correlate it with various fat burning instruments and medicines - Thanks to the marketing world.

Pranic Body Sculpting/ Face uplift technique is a non-surgical way to reduce extra fat from our body or toning our face - An approach which does not require surgery, medicine, no touching and hence no side effects. Pranic healing technique works on Energy principle i.e. by uplifting and changing the energies in our energy body, one can sculpt the body and uplift the face for younger looking body. 

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