pranic healing

Our body has 2 parts - A Physical Body and an Energy body. The layer of energy body act as a protecting layer for Physical body (think of Ozone layer protecting Earth from Ultra violet Sun rays). Energy body layer gets weaken or imbalanced by anything which impact us like Stress, fear, frustration, sadness and so on. Long period of imbalances in the Energy body leads to multiple holes, accumulation or depletion of energy. This is the start of Physical and Psychological issues which translates into Pain & Discomfort. We immediately move towards short-term solution of different medical treatments to cure our Physical body which might also have side effects on our body.

Pranic healing works on curing the Energy Layer and it does not require any touching or any special drug. Healing is also not the replacement of any medical solution, it is a complimentary step to completely cure the human body by sealing up the holes and aligning energy body. 

 As a Pranic healer, I can feel and align your body energy - a perfect solution for your physical and psychological health. 

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